Ultimate Guide to Joining a Coding Bootcamp

Hello budding coder,

You’ve presumably found yourself on this page because you’re interested in dipping your toes into the world of software development and perhaps, you’re looking to change your career completely!

Makers is Europe’s most elite and competitive coding bootcamp. Around 1 in 10 applicants make the cut, so here’s a deep summary of how we evaluate candidates, which should help to maximise your chances of securing a much-coveted spot at Makers.

Good luck!

— Ollie, Gatekeeper @ Makers

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Step 0: Research, Research, Research!

The more you know about us, the more we’ll be able to see how actively engaged you are with our course, and the higher your chance of being invited to a Pair Programming Session with us. Read through the rest of our blog, take a look at our graduate stories, come down to meet us, and of course, have a go at coding before applying!

Step 1: Apply

We receive an incredibly high volume of applications each week, and if you’re looking to secure a coveted spot on our course, then you’ll need to demonstrate to us that you’re highly motivated, tenacious and you’re willing to unlearn the word quit.

You can start your coding journey by making an application through our website. After a few words about you and why you want to do the course, you’ll then book a call with one of the team so that we can get to know you a little better.

Step 2: Let’s Chat

Nothing technical just yet, a relaxed chat about you and your motivations behind joining our course. We’ll be looking to see how much you know about us, what’s drawn you to MA and what your aims are once you graduate.

Step 3: Pair Programming Session

After your call, should we feel you’re ready, we’ll send you some learning materials so that you can get familiar with the Ruby language. The Pairing Session can take place either at our London space or remotely and will last around 45 minutes. We’ll be looking for problem solving and logical reasoning skills in Ruby, so make sure that you read up on how to solve coding problems and fully complete all of the learning materials in order to give yourself the best opportunity of passing.

How we score our Pairing Sessions: basic Ruby ability, logical reasoning competence, communication and confidence.

If successful, and you decide to accept our offer, then you’ll need to put down a non refundable £800 deposit to lock down your place. All of our courses are constantly oversubscribed, and all places are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, so the sooner this is done, the less likely it is that your place will be taken by someone else. Until your deposit is paid, you may well be bumped to a future cohort.

If you don’t succeed on the first attempt, worry not, this is your chance to prove your hunger! If you want to try again, we’ll send you some further materials and get you back for a second Pair Programming Session in a couple of weeks. Remember reading doesn’t constitute learning to code! You need to learn by doing — if you aren’t writing code, you haven’t learnt a thing. PairUp is a great way to improve your chances of joining us and working on your problem solving processes by Pair Programming with our graduates. Don’t worry — they’re all super nice and were in your position not too long ago!

Step 4: PreCourse

4 weeks of part-time, remote learning (20–30 hours per week of Ruby, Git, Command Line, Version Control etc.) where you’ll be working through weekly challenges. It’s important that you treat the PreCourse with the same respect and dedication you treat the main course. It requires hard work and dedication in order successfully navigate through the PreCourse content. Top tip: communication is key! Both with your PreCourse coach and your fellow cohort members.



If you’d like to talk to a human on the phone, feel free to call us on: +44 (0)203 817 8870. You can also book a drop-in visit over the phone or attend one of our events.
If you’re ready to find out more, let’s go for it. Read more about financing options.

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